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How To Become a Nurse Practitioner

Within the past five years, I have looked for resources and instructions on how to become a nurse practitioner. It was through career exploration and school that lead me on a quest to pursue a career in the medical field. It all started when I entered college and started taking science and math classes as prerequisites to get into either pharmacy or medical school.

My love for the anatomy and physiology classes along with chemistry led me on a career path to purse something in the health care field. At that time I had thought if you wanted to prescribe medication and diagnose people with diseases and medical conditions that you should go to medical school. Someone mentioned nursing school to me and all I could picture was someone dressed in silly cartoon scrubs taking a temperature of a patient and emptying their bed pan.

As I finished my pre-medical classes and continued on to get my bachelors degree in the health sciences. I began taking classes gearing towards health care administration and the different types of health care professions in a hospital and clinic setting. At the same time my father, a retired middle school science teacher, introduced me to a former student he ran into when going to a clinic for a checkup. This former student was now a nurse practitioner that had just opened up his own walk in clinic. My dad was bragging about how he is a nurse practitioner, and just like a doctor can write most prescriptions and even have his own clinic. When I talked to his friend, he told me how to become a nurse practitioner.

Since I was taking health care administration courses, I went to visit his clinic to help write one of my papers. I told him that I was excited about going to medical school to be a doctor. He told me that he can basically do what a doctor can. He was a registered nurse first and went on to get his masters degree which was how to become a nurse practitioner. He told me about how he worked as a registered nurse while working on his masters degree. He worked at a hospital while he was in nurse practitioner school that actually paid for his tuition. He bought a clinic that was paid for by the government because it was considered an underserved area.

As I finished my bachelors degree I decided to immediately start on a masters degree in health care administration. I wanted to have the knowledge needed to be able to run a business such as a clinic. Within that time frame, I helped this nurse practitioner manage his clinic and continued to explore the medical schools while he continued to tell me how to become a nurse practitioner. The cost and time needed for medical school started to really discourage me. I started to investigate nurse practitioner programs and saw so many different pathways leading to this career. First I would have to get into a nursing program to get my registered nurse license but then I could get into a nurse practitioner program. I had come to the conclusion that I would get a lot of patient care experience being a registered nurse. Worse case scenario, patient care may not be something I like after all but I could keep my RN license and go back into health care administration.

To conclude, I went to nursing school, received my RN license and immediately got a job. I enjoyed working with patients so much that I continued on my quest on how to become a nurse practitioner. I got some experience as a nurse while investigating all of the nurse practitioner programs out there. In the end I got into the program and school of my first choice. As I continue this program I keep exploring new resources, advice and information on how to become a nurse practitioner. I created this blog so that I can share these pertinent resources and various information on how to become a nurse practitioner.