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Job Description Nurse Practitioner

The Nurse practitioner job description will be different with respect to the condition and healthcare setting. For instance, nearly every condition provides the nurse specialist the authority to prescribe narcotic medicines. Presently the only real two states, Florida and Alabama will restrict a nurse specialist from prescription drugs with no doctors approval. A Nurse practitioner … Continue reading

Adult Nurse Practitioner

An adult nurse practitioner is a specialty inside the nurse practitioner field that’s available for those who want to become a nurse practitioner and wish only treat adult patients. Various types of nurse practitioners were discussed in other posts but with little information provided on the adult nurse practitioner specialty. Not only is this one … Continue reading

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Maybe you hold an interest in pediatrics but are unaware of the numerous pediatric jobs that exist. Just like a doctor, a pediatric nurse practitioner can have their own clinic and write prescriptions for all medications or most in many of the states. This nurse practitioner holds a certification in pediatrics and has received their … Continue reading

Emergency Nurse Practitioner

As discussed earlier with regards to what is a nurse practitioner, one specialty I would like to bring to your attention is an emergency nurse practitioner. If you are currently a registered nurse working in the emergency room, an Emergency medical technician or a paramedic, this specialty just might be what you are looking for. … Continue reading