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Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner Certification

The city of Jacksonville College offers among the first emergency room nurse practitioner within the condition of Florida. This program is really a 2 year masters program that shows nurses about critical care necessary for the er. This program not just prepares nurses to operate within the er, but additionally in urgent care facilities where … Continue reading

How Do You Like Online NP Programs

Online NP programs will also be well suited for individuals nurses residing in more rural areas. A nursing school may be miles away. Class occasions may be at bothersome occasions and combined using the miles, huge chucks of the days are utilized up getting there and back. Attending an online nurse practitioner program helps reduce … Continue reading

Online Nursing Doctorate Programs

Did you know that online nurse practitioner schools also include online nursing doctorate programs? As mentioned in an earlier post, to become a nurse practitioner, either a masters degree or a doctoral degree is required. In 2015, it is proposed that all of those pursuing a nurse practitioner certification will be required to complete a … Continue reading

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs

When investigating nurse practitioner schools I had come across several neonatal nurse practitioner programs. At the time I had no idea there was such a thing as this specialized nursing program. I knew there was such a thing as a neonatologist but had found that there is also a neonatal nurse practitioner. I would like … Continue reading