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Family Nurse Practitioner Salary

Knowing a family nurse practitioner salary will help you decide whether or not you want to continue to pursue this health care profession.  The pay rate and salary will vary based on experience and type of health care profession.  The salary will also vary based on the location the job is in.  You should keep in mind not only the salary but the workload and benefits in addition to how many open positions there are available for this position.

The nurse practitioner salary will vary based on their work place setting.  They may hold a position in a walk-in clinic, hospital, skilled nursing facility, the health department, or a non-profit organization.  The family nurse practitioner will see patients of all ages and will often treat the entire family.  The family nurse practitioner may work in a rural or under-served area in which they are the only primary health care provider available to meet the needs of the community members.

Currently the family nurse practitioner salary ranges anywhere between $70,000 and $90,000.  States such as New York may offer the highest salary.  In addition to salary, there may be bonuses and benefits available.  Bonuses may range from $900 to $5000 a year.  The general working hours are from 9-5 and are paid salary.  The family nurse practitioner may work in the evening or on the weekends being on-call or reviewing and updating patient charts.

It is important to view the family nurse practitioner salary and the educational expenses along with costs to set up a business.  Nurse practitioner can obtain their Masters degree and work as a registered nurse while in case and even after graduating prior to getting their license.  Many hospitals or organizations may reimburse the nurse practitioner or provide loan forgiveness.  For example my father’s friend that was a nurse practitioner, had his school loans paid by the hospital he worked for as long as he committed to work for their organization for a few years after graduating.  He eventually bought a clinic in a stated “under-served area” that the government paid for.

Not only should one view the family nurse practitioner salary but the job outlook.  With the new health care reform, many nurse practitioners will be needed as primary care providers.  There are many new clinics being placed in drug stores and even grocery stores.  Nurse practitioners are being hired to run these clinics.  Many physicians are going into specialties, leaving many openings available for the nurse practitioner. Many rural areas in the United States are in a great need for family nurse practitioners.

The family nurse practitioner salary may start out low for new graduates but will eventually increase with experience.  As stated above, there are an increasing number of job opportunities available for these health care professionals.  While going to school, find out if your job will reimburse the tuition or what loans are available.  When looking for your first job as a nurse practitioner, have the latest salary figures in mind and don’t be afraid to negotiate for a higher salary or ask about loan forgiveness options.