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How Much Does Nurse Practitioner Make 2011

Nurse practitioner salary by niche will change in various areas in the medical field. For instance: Pediactric specialist or Nurse practitioner salary for pediatric medicine who provides care to children and infants will be different based on the place, the individual lives and also the type of the business. The salary of these nurse practitioner is going to be about $75,000 to $100,000 US dollars annually. The salaries to pediatric nurse practitioner are compensated in maximum amount in Miami, Chicago and Atlanta.

The Nurse practitioner Salary will be different greatly based on both your geographical area and in which you practice. A nurse practitioner in a correction facility can get a typical salary of $120,000. For individuals who operate in a hospital or critical care, the typical salary come in the area of $115,000. A nurse practitioner who’s employed like a medical assistant in primary care can make typically $40,000 while individuals who behave as a professional can get to become compensated $80,000. Whichever area you decide to operate in, your earnings will reflect your responsibilities.