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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary

When looking at salaries for nurse practitioners prior to deciding on pursuing this career, I came across the neonatal nurse practitioner salary. At the time I had no idea there was such a thing as this specialty. I also noticed that average salary was higher than the family nurse practitioner salary. This led me to investigate what this specialty was all about.

I was familiar with what a neonatologist was but had to investigate the job description when coming across figures for the neonatal nurse practitioner. As discussed before, the nurse practitioner has received either a masters or a doctoral degree in nursing. A neonatal nurse practitioner is a health care professional that has received a graduate degree in nursing with a specialty in neonatology. Clinical training was focused in the area of neonates. Neonatology is a special area of medicine that focuses on the treatment and care of infants. A neonatal nurse practitioner can write most prescriptions and can have their own clinic with a supervising physician.

The neonatal nurse practitioner salary ranges from about 65,000 to 98,000. Of course like any other specialty, the pay rate as well as income may vary depending on practical experience as well as particular health-related job. The actual earnings will likely differ depending on the area the work is within. You need to keep under consideration not simply the actual earnings but also the amount of work as well as benefits. The number of positions available to this particular role of a nurse practitioner should also be considered.

The neonatal nurse practitioner salary will vary based on their work place setting. There are three different levels that depend on the kind of patients being treated. The first level consists of healthy new born babies, requiring regularly monitoring. This level does not exist in too many places since the healthy mother and new born are usually discharged from the hospital within one to two days after giving birth. The second level consists of caring for infants who were born too early or have a serious illness. They may need to be monitored constantly and require intravenous or oxygen therapy. Level 3 care is the highest paid salary. The most serious cases are dealt with such as babies and infants with major illnesses and health problems. Ventilators or incubators may be needed for these neonates. The job setting will be mainly in the neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital.

To sum up our discussion, the neonatal nurse practitioner salary will vary based on level 1, 2 or 3 and setting. The general working hours may vary and not typically from 9-5 like other specialties. In addition to investigation a neonatal nurse practitioner salary, one other costs to view is liability insurance and legal issues that may be involved. It is advisable, working as a registered nurse should be in a health care setting dealing with neonatal patients such as an All children’s hospital or a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Many hospitals or organizations may reimburse the nurse practitioner or provide loan forgiveness. There may not be as many job openings or school programs as there would be with a family nurse practitioner. Suggestions include shadowing a neonatologist or neonatal nurse practitioner to find out if this is something you may want to pursue.