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Nurse Practitioner Schools

Currently there are quite a variety of nurse practitioner schools throughout the United States. To become a nurse practitioner, one will need to have a registered nurse license and obtain either a masters or doctorates degree. There are many different routes and transitional programs available to those who want to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner. Some programs are online while others are completely face to face. When choosing the right school, it is important to find out whether it is accredited, how long the program is and the tuition costs.

When I was looking at the nurse practitioner schools out there, I found it to helpful to find the best program that would fit my current situation. The first step was getting a registered nurses license. I already had a bachelors and masters degree in the health sciences and had just completed nursing school to receive my registered nurses license. The nursing school I went to was an associate degree program. I found it to cost the least amount of money and it took the shortest amount of time. Many programs out there have different transitional and fast-track options individualized to that students situation. Some Nurse practitioner schools available are even online.

When viewing the different nurse practitioner schools out there I had found that many schools accepted a registered nurse that had a bachelors degree in a related science such as what I have had. One of the options available to getting into a nurse practitioner program were getting into an accelerated second bachelors degree in nursing and then starting on the masters degree program. One fast track option was having an associates degree in nursing with an RN license and taking a year of transitional courses towards to masters degree program. I had found a program that only required me to take 3 undergraduate nursing courses prior to getting into the program.

Nurse practitioner schools have admission requirements regarding work experience as a registered nurse. My program required at least one year of experience a RN. Some programs do not require any experience as a nurse. I feel it is extremely beneficial to at least get that experience as a registered nurse for 1 year prior to starting a masters degree program. As a new nurse, it is crucial to focus on getting a better understanding of the role of a nurse and getting more comfortable with the job. A benefit of working for at least a year prior to starting a program is saving up money for tuition. In addition, most hospitals that nurses work at will actually provide tuition assistance and reimbursement to go back to school.

As stated earlier, nurse practitioner schools have either a masters degree or a doctoral degree program. By the year 2015, it is proposed that all master degree programs will be eliminated and only doctoral degree programs will be offered. Those that have obtained a masters degree will be grandfathered in. This information may be an incentive to start acting quickly if considering this profession. To get started, check out all of the schools that may be close by or even an online program and have them send you free information if interested.