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Online Nurse Practitioner Schools

Online nurse practitioner schools are becoming more popular every semester. Currently, a master’s of science in nursing degree is the minimum requirement prior to obtaining a nurse practitioner license. Online nurse practitioner schools may be the perfect option based on your needs and situation. Prior to choosing the method of school, online or classroom, there are many factors to consider.

After reviewing the different nurse programs in your area, you might find that online nurse practitioner schools are what may be best. The closest on-campus nurse practitioner program may be two hours away. Not only is that a lot of gas money but the time traveling is precious time that could have been spent working on school assignments. It may be difficult getting days off of work to go to class. Perhaps you have a family and children to pick up from school or share just one car with your spouse.

Online nurse practitioner schools are convenient but there are two factors to consider. Computer literacy skills are very important along with the proper equipment required. It can be quite difficult if you do not know how to use the computer, do not have access to one or very poor internet access. If there are no nearby nurse practitioner schools available and this is your only option, then it will be necessary to have a fast computer, fast internet connection and be able to use the computer. Many programs require a basic computer literacy course prior to starting classes. If not offered, I would recommend getting comfortable with the computer and accessing the internet so that you can focus on those online classes and not figuring out how to turn on the computer.

It is extremely important to find out about the accreditation of the selected online nurse practitioner schools. You can find this out by going to the schools website and either calling them directly or finding out under their information. Nurse practitioner programs available online are those in the areas of adult nursing, psychiatric care, and women’s health. Online dual degree programs are available such as a masters of sciences in nursing with a masters of business administration or with a masters of healthcare administration.

If you only have a registered nurses license, there are also online nurse practitioner schools that have a a bridge program. Many have a fast track option for nurses with a registered nurse license to transition into an online masters degree program with the colleges selected prerequisite classes. If you choose to obtain a bachelor’s of science in nursing degree prior to becoming a nurse practitioner then there are online bachelor of science in nursing programs.

As you can see it is very important to take many things into consideration while researching the various online nurse practitioner schools available. First decide whether or not online school is your fit. Next find out if the school is accredited along with the admission requirements. Prior to making the decision, don’t forget to find out about the cost of tuition, financial aid and what scholarships may be available.