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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

Being aware of a pediatric nurse practitioner salary just might help you determine for sure if you intend to go on to carry on with this specific nursing discipline. Typically the pay rate as well as income may vary depending on practical experience as well as particular health-related job. The actual earnings will likely differ depending on the area the work is within. You need to keep under consideration not simply the actual earnings but also the amount of work as well as benefits. The number of positions available to this particular role of a nurse practitioner should also be considered. Their salary will vary based on their work place setting. They may hold a job in an urgent-care clinic, pediatric clinic, pediatric hospital, the health department, or perhaps a non-profit organization. The pediatric nurse practitioner will see patients from the first months of life up to the age of 18 years.

Before discussing the pediatric nurse practitioner salary, I want to share with you a brief description about this particular profession. As discussed in prior postings, nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have obtained either a masters or doctorate degree in nursing and clinical training. A pediatric nurse practitioner is a health care professional that has earned a graduate degree in nursing with a specialty in pediatrics. Clinical training was focused upon the area of pediatrics. Pediatrics is a special area of medicine that focuses on the treatment and care of infants to children up to the age of 18. A pediatric nurse practitioner is able to write most prescriptions and can have their own clinic with a supervising physician.

The pediatric nurse practitioner salary ranges from about $84,000- around $93,000. Just like a family nurse practitioner, states such as New York may offer the highest salary. In addition to salary, there may be bonuses and benefits available. Bonuses may be a several thousand dollars a year. The general working hours are from 9-5 and are paid salary. The pediatric nurse practitioner may work in the evening or on the weekends being on-call or reviewing and updating their patients’ charts. In addition to investigation a pediatric nurse practitioner salary, other costs to view is liability insurance and legal issues that may be involved. There are many things to take into consideration such as consents and release of information to the guardians since most of the patients will be considered minors. This particular practitioner will not only be dealing with the patient but the entire family.

It is important to view the pediatric nurse practitioner salary and the educational expenses along with costs to set up a business. These specialized practitioners can obtain their Masters degree and work as a registered nurse while in school and even after graduating prior to getting their license. It is advisable, working as a registered nurse should be in a health care setting dealing with pediatric patients such as an All childrens hospital or a pediatric urgent care clinic. Many hospitals or organizations may reimburse the nurse practitioner or provide loan forgiveness.

Not only should one view the pediatric nurse practitioner salary but how many jobs will be available. There may not be as many job openings as there would be with a family nurse practitioner. The pediatric nurse practitioner salary may start out low for new graduates but will eventually increase with experience. While going to school, find out if your job will reimburse the tuition or what loans are available. Also make sure that you get experience working with children by working as an RN with this group or shadowing a pediatrician or a pediatric nurse practitioner. If in the end you decide that pediatrics is not a specialty you want to pursue then there are plenty of other nurse practitioner specialties to choose from.